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2010 goals February 17, 2010

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So I don’t normally make New Years resolutions because I think they’re normally kind of impossible to keep, but this year I made some goals for myself.  I think I was kind of inspired by this calendar my sister got me for Christmas.  It has a topic for a different list for each month and the one for January said: “Cool things I’m going to do this year” and I wrote down —

– Run a 5k

– Volunteer regularly

– Finish crocheting blanket

– Read 50 books

So far I’m on the right track for completing the 2nd and last ones; the 5k one is going to be the most challenging.  I don’t have the right type of clothes for running outside in the cold yet, and once I get those I’ll need to find some serious motivation.  I’m kind of hoping that telling a bunch of people I plan on running a 5k will force me to actually do it since so many people will be holding me to it.


First real post February 12, 2010

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I can’t figure out how to set the correct time on this thing.  It is ACTUALLY 9:17 right now.

Today I went to my pointless 50 minute spanish class at 9:10 this morning and then volunteered at the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing for 5 hours.  I’m not sure why I never found out about this place before, but it’s pretty sweet.  Today a woman called and talked my ear off for 20 minutes about drug testing, mace, missing women and me inviting her to my wedding (I’m not planning on getting married any time soon and I’ve never talked to this woman before in my life) right as we were trying to close up.  If I hadn’t cut her off, I’m pretty sure she would have kept me on the phone for another hour at least.

I got home and watched a couple episodes of Lost season 5.  I’m trying to catch up so I can start watching the new season.  Then Lance got back from Grand Rapids and we went to Panera for dinner.  Thank goodness the Panera bitch wasn’t working! She wrecks my boner every time we go there.

Now Lance and I are about to watch The Future of Food.  I love netflix!


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