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But I’m not tired! April 13, 2010

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Lately I’ve been having a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, and tonight I just happened to make the matter worse by downing a redbull at around midnight.  I was under the false impression that I was going to have to spend the majority of the night cranking out a paper that is actually not due until Thursday.  In theory I could still work on the paper…but working on assignments more than 48 hours in advance of they’re due date just isn’t my style.  I can’t seem to put words to paper unless I have massive amounts of stress induced adrenaline pumping through my body.

So anyway, right now I’m kind of at a loss as to how I should occupy my time until sleepiness sets in.  I could watch a movie on Netflix, but I already watched a movie earlier today and I’m not sure I feel like devoting a whole 2ish hours to another one.  I finished watching Harold and Maude today.  Definitely one of my new favorites — I can’t believe I’d never seen it before today.

I could read a book.  I’m in the middle of Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann, Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun, Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad and The God of Small Things by Arudhati Roy.  I should really start finishing some of them —  but there really isn’t anywhere well-lit and comfortable to sit down and read now that Lance is already in bed with the lights out.  I’m doing pretty good on my 50 books in a year goal though; I’ve read 14 so far.

I could listen to music, which I actually am doing right now…but it doesn’t exactly keep me from being bored.  I made myself a super awesome playlist a few days ago with Neko Case, Jenny Lewis, Ryan Adams, Drag the River, William Elliott Whitmore, Mayhew the Traitor, Glossary and a few songs off the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack.  It’s pretty much all I’ve been listening to lately.

Anyway, in the time it took me to write all this I started yawing.  I think I’ll go lay in bed and see what happens!


Easter weekend/my family rulez April 6, 2010

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This weekend was pretty awesome because I got to spend most of it with my family.

Lance dropped me off at home on Friday night and after finishing a homework assignment that was due that night, I went to sleep in my comfy bed with my cat.  12 hours later I woke up, incredibly refreshed.  That night my brother picked me up and we drove to Utica for some laser tag with my sister, and 2 cousins.   Somehow we ended up being the other people interested in laser tag that night and had the whole place to ourselves.  After one game we were all a little sweaty and decided to check out some of the arcade games.  I ended up winning a handful of tickets that I was able to exchange for 4 badass temporary tattoos.  We then decided it was time for food and headed over to Bangkok Pavilion in Sterling Heights for some delicious Thai food.  Afterward, we decided that we were having so much fun that we should have a slumber party, since we were all getting together the next morning anyway to make  pierogi.  So everyone (minus 1 cousin who had a prior engagement) went home to get their jammies and my brother and I grabbed Rockband from his apartment before meeting back up at my parent’s house.  By that time my mom was home from work and she decided we needed to dye Easter eggs and eat lots of snacks before playing Rockband.  We Rockbanded until the drums broke and then watched a couple episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia before going to bed.

The next morning the 4 of us, plus my sister’s puppy got up early-ish and went for a run before eating some delicious waffles that my mom made.  Then Lance came over and it was time to get to work making some pierogi.  Over the last few Easter’s my family has become super good at pierogi-making.  We each have a certain job in the process and it becomes like an assembly line.  We have to make the dough, roll out the dough, make the filling, stuff the filling into the dough circles, boil the pierogi, and then fry them.  It’s a lot of work, but with 6 of us working on it we turned those babies out super fast.  Then we got everything packed in the cars and drove over to my aunt’s house.

It was really fitting that Easter took place at this particular aunt’s house this year because the night before my brother and I had made a revelation about the meaning of Easter.  While driving over to his apartment, we passed by a sign that said “He is risen…Will you?”  Now I don’t know a whole lot of Jesus, but from what I hear he apparently rose from the dead and that’s why we have Easter.  When I read this sign, I finally understood why Easter is so awesome.  It’s all about promoting zombie-ism!  Jesus was a zombie and we should be too!  Anyway, I decided that the best way to celebrate Easter is watching tons of zombie movies.  And it just so happens that the aunt and uncle who were hosting Easter this year own pretty much every movie ever made — including several zombie movies.  So once word got over to my uncle about this proposed zombie movie marathon, he immediately began listing off all the zombie movies they owned.  We decided on the original Night of the Living Dead and sat in front of the tv eating our pierogi and watching zombies eat people.   Eventually we took a break to listen to my loudest and craziest aunt display her new hobby — playing the harmonica.  Then we ate dessert — krusczyki, key lime pie bars and cheesecake and then Lance and I had to leave to get back to Lansing on time.   Super fun weekend and I can’t wait till next Easter!