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September 24, 2010

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Rant September 8, 2010

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(via jezebel)

GAH! This ad has already been retracted by the company because of so much backlash…but still, enough people thought this was a good idea for it to get printed in the first place.

It’s little things like this ad or this or this or this or this or this that really get to me, because they’re generally viewed as harmless.  They’re just advertisements, they’re just trying to sell something — no big deal.  Too many people don’t think twice about what they’re seeing on a daily basis, when really, the majority of ads you see every day deserve to have a serious critical eye taken to them.

It makes me wonder whether people would take the effort to get riled up if they saw something like this printed as a current advertisement:

I’m really trying not to lose my faith in humanity, but everyone is making it so hard on me!



Go forth and bulk up! September 1, 2010

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In my ongoing quest to become a badass runner, I’ve become entirely fascinated by super athletic and buff women.  I’m totally confused as to why people generally find muscles on women unattractive.  Even fitness magazines like Women’s Health make sure to promise alongside strength-building workouts that they won’t make you bulk up – heaven forbid!  I happen to be totally in favor of muscles on women and hope to one day hold a candle to some of these foxy ladies.  Thus, here is my personal homage to muscley women…keep up the good work ladies!

Serena Williams


Jackie Warner


Shawn Johnson