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2010 goals February 17, 2010

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So I don’t normally make New Years resolutions because I think they’re normally kind of impossible to keep, but this year I made some goals for myself.  I think I was kind of inspired by this calendar my sister got me for Christmas.  It has a topic for a different list for each month and the one for January said: “Cool things I’m going to do this year” and I wrote down —

– Run a 5k

– Volunteer regularly

– Finish crocheting blanket

– Read 50 books

So far I’m on the right track for completing the 2nd and last ones; the 5k one is going to be the most challenging.  I don’t have the right type of clothes for running outside in the cold yet, and once I get those I’ll need to find some serious motivation.  I’m kind of hoping that telling a bunch of people I plan on running a 5k will force me to actually do it since so many people will be holding me to it.