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SUAMPO August 1, 2010

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Last night was the all member co-op party also known as SUAMPO.  I had a blast hanging with all my housemates and meeting some new people.  I’m really going to miss this place when I move out in a few weeks — O Haus is full of some truly fantastic people.

I discovered this great new band Stepdad last night when they played at the party.  I danced my ass off to their music which seemed really fitting for the  party theme — “Last night at 80s summer camp.”  They have a free download of their EP on their myspace which you should all definitely check out.  The songs “Baby Hammers”, “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails” and “Squares” are particularly awesome.

On a separate topic, I recently watched the movie Surf Nazis Must Die. It was not very good.  However, the badass, revenge-seeking , gun-wielding, sexagenarian black mama did her best to save the destined-to-fail movie.  Though the movie had a lot of potential, I was expecting a lot more gore and post-apocalyptic scenarios and was sorely disappointed.